The Territory Itria Valley

The Territory

The residences proposed by Villa Curri are located in one of the most beautiful of all the Puglia region: Valle d 'Itria. In this land, throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to live authentic experiences in direct contact with nature, the 'art, history, culture and traditional flavors of Puglia. You can wander through the countryside characterized by the green expanses of olive trees in the coastal zone of the rows of vines and fruit trees that run along the valleys and hills. Kilometers of dry stone walls bordering the countryside perfectly groomed and cultivated in all seasons in vegetables, fruits, olives and grapes for the production of excellent extra virgin olive oil and fine wines. Along the Adriatic coast, from 'archaeological site of Egnatia to the Regional Park of the coastal dunes, you will find a unspoilt sea alternating with cliffs, coves and long sandy beaches. During the 'summer, you can choose to relax in one of the many equipped beaches or enjoy one of the many corners of beach. This area is characterized by the beauty of the many white villages, just a few kilometers 's from each' other things that grow in the valleys and hills.

From the famous white city of Ostuni, Cisternino with its unique feature to the Old Town, the tondeggiate Locorotondo to 'must-capital of the trulli in Alberobello, Martina Franca, from Baroque to' interesting Ceglie. If you want to deepen the culture and the land are several sites to visit such as the Archaeological Park of Egnatia, the Caves of Castellana, the cave village of Lama 's Old and the Regional Park of the coastal dunes.
Do not miss the events and show that, throughout the 'year, will make you fully experience the culture and traditions of this land, from the suggestive to the festivities festivals of local products, from live nativity Christmas rites of Holy Week, from concerts to shows. From here you can easily reach the most interesting places in the region such as Lecce and Salento Brindisi, Bari, Taranto, Trani and Castel del Monte ...


One of the most beautiful villages in Italy 'and awarded the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club, Locorotondo, which takes its name from the round shape of the floor plan of the village, overlooking, from' high, all the Valle d 'Itria. Suggestive will walk the picturesque streets of the old town admiring the typical buildings with rectangular plan and a sloping roof called Cummerse. Must, in August, the Feast of Saint Rocco with breathtaking race of fireworks.

Fasano - Zoosafari

Expanses of olive trees from the coast lovely lead into the lush, green hills of Selva di Fasano. Rock dwellings, farms, wildlife parks and Spa in Torre Canne characterize the wealth of attractions in this area. Do not miss a visit to the largest wildlife park in Italy: the Safari Park where you can with your car, in total safety, through the park admiring the animals, in the wild, from all over the world.
Children will adore the big surprise.


Lovely old town with whitewashed cottages, flowered balconies, arches, stairways, alleys and squares make this village one of the most beautiful 'Italy and awarded by the Touring Club with the orange flag. The tower Norman - Swabian with the 'old mother church dedicated to St. Nicholas to stand out' entrance of the historical center from which you reach the 'beautiful main square. Yummy and renowned meat cooked over the fire characteristics butcher shops scattered along the narrow streets.


Recognized by 'UNESCO Heritage of' Humanity since 1996 for his monumental village of Trulli basis whitewashed conical roof of overlapping stones dry, Alberobello is, as always, the symbol of the 'whole of Puglia. Between the two Monti and Aia small you can walk the streets that cross several trulli and have the chance to admire, from 'inside, their particular architecture. Also interesting is the visit to the Museum of the Territory with artifacts, tools, and evidence of these places.

Martina Franca

Admiring the palaces, gardens, arches, doorways and wrought iron balconies will notice that compared to other villages in the Valle d 'Itria, the style changes: the baroque dominating. The breathtaking majesty of the Basilica of St. Martin, enchanting Piazza Plebiscito. For lovers of music not to be missed, in summer, the famous Festival della Valle d 'Itria. For those who love to enjoy the tasty sausages Capocollo of Martina Franca appreciated already in the kingdom of Naples and Slow Food.


The 'old white village mastered by' top of the hill where you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the coast, awarded with the Blue Flag, and the plain of olive trees. Town Hall Square climb, along a street lined with quaint craft shops, to the historic Cathedral of the fifteenth century Romanesque - Gothic rose window of rare beauty. Do not miss, in August, the evocative feast in honor of Sant 'Fred and the characteristic ride.

Castellana Grotte

Deep in the Valley 'Itria, 70 meters underground, there is a maze of caverns and chasms along three kilometers. It's the best speleological Italy 's open in 2 hours. Going down into the depths you can see stalactites, stalagmites, draperies alabaster red until it reaches the cavity brightest in the world: the White Grotto. You will also love the night tours and performances that tell the 'Hell of the Divine Comedy organized in the summer. A short walk to the little ones, the Dinosaur Park.

Polignano a Mare

Charming medieval village perched on 'high cliff overlooking the sea. Walking through the picturesque narrow streets of the historic center are just breathtaking balconies facing the sea. The coastline is dotted with numerous coves and rocky caves visited by boat as the famous Grotta Palazzese now famous restaurant.
An interesting museum dedicated to the greatest exponent of Pugliese 'contemporary art: Pino Pascali. Do not leave without tasting the famous ice cream. Monopoli


Features 99 districts scattered from the green hill to the sea, where pristine beaches alternate and high cliffs. Do not miss it in the summer on the coast, where the district Chapter revel in the beaches, restaurants, nightclubs and the 'water park Egnatia. In the 'old town of Monopoli miss freely through the narrow streets of the old town, from the impressive Cathedral, will take on' ancient harbor where you can admire the Castle of Charles V and enjoy delicious dishes of fish in local restaurants.